If, Bwana/Gerald Fiebig: Split

The LP is limited to 100 copies, each in a unique sleeve hand-painted by Tine Klink. You can order it here or by e-mailing attenuation-circuit@web.de / Die LP ist auf 100 Stück limitiert, jede davon in einem handbemalten Unikat-Cover von Tine Klink. Man kann sie hier bestellen oder per Mail an attenuation-circuit@web.de

„It moves very slowly, back and forth between the different sources and just sometimes you recognize the acoustic guitar, or the recorder. Sometimes playing together, but it seems that a lot of the times they are on their own, like stars at night – moving solely in the firmament. That seems to be the case here, with very occasional interaction. If that happens, in what seems to be the middle of the record, small melodies are formed around carefully placed crackles, slowly moving a gentle drone in to fade out in the end. Nice, gentle music.“ – Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Gerald Fiebig: Public Transport. Musique anecdotique in memoriam Luc Ferrari

„The master of field recordings and telling a story was of course Luc Ferrari, who died in 2005. … Fiebig goes more into soundscaping, layering various recordings over eachother and makes things more into an abstract story. He uses lots of different sounds and thus makes quite a nice and varied piece of music.“
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

Presque rien an allen Ecken und Kanten und das ist auch gut so, Baby! Liebevoll und mit dem Gespür für absurd bis bizarr gestrickte Situationskomiken, geht der bayerische Audioschnippsler ans Werk. Die Kunst, die Niederkunft des Alltäglichen so zu arrangieren wie Gott es nicht gewollt hat, wird hier leichtfüßig und mit einem immer währenden Schmunzeln vorgeführt.“
Mirko Uhlig, Unruhr