Sustained Development: Music for Bass Guitar 2010-2013

Music for Bass Guitar

Sounds improvised on the bass are used in the construction of the final pieces. The degree of cutting up and processing applied to the improvisations varies from piece to piece, but the compositional decisions made during the final edit always take precedence over the “live” element: “When cutting the prayer call in with hog grunts it doesn’t pay to be walking around the market place with a portable tape recorder.” (William S. Burroughs, Electronic Revolution)

01. Bass Determines Superstructure (for bass guitar) 02. Magnetic Tape (for bass guitar, electronics, voice, and samples) 03. We Are Here Because You Were There (for bass guitar, electronics, and samples) 04. Drone Blues (for bass guitar and electronics)

Sustained Development: Water

„He uses field recordings, found sounds of water, raw and pure in the opening piece, ‚Liquid‘. But in ‚Solid‘ and ‚Aerifom‘ he combines various sources and treatments, such as the recordings of snow and gas. Especially in ‚Aerifom‘ something interesting is created. Lots of sound effects and treatments make this into quite a melodic piece of music.“
Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly