Modelbau / Gerald Fiebig & William Rossi: split

Grubenwehr Freiburg / attenuation circuit ° GFAC 1003 ° 2023 °

New Page Signal (.-.-.)

all five sections recorded July 2020


Gerald Fiebig I William Rossi

Gerald Fiebig: electronics, drones, manipulations, ocarina, cigarbox
William Rossi: synthesizers, drones, electronics, piano, shakuhachi, orchestra

Born at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to express and exorcise the loneliness and uncertainty it brought and the yearning to communicate we responded with, this collaboration quickly started to focus on the concepts of language and communication themselves. A universal constant for humans and the rest of the animal kingdom alike, communication is the door into getting to know the world that surrounds us; physical touch is communication, glances are communication, art is communication, language is communication.
A testament to humans‘ determination in connecting with each other, even in places where different cultures and tongues meet, both Sabir and Pidgin are languages that developed organically in order to bridge the gaps and understand one another.
Languages express the deepest affection, the harshest of condemnations, seething hatred and utmost fragility; an endless kaleidoscope of emotion the music on this record has tried to capture, mimic and convey- 


released January 21, 2023


Gerald Fiebig & William Rossi: Lied für Georg Elser

Liner notes by William Rossi:

This is an album born out of anger. Anger at the worldwide rise of fascism, from Italy and Sweden to Hungary, India and the Republican party of the United States. Anger at the end-of-history liberal political class that, under the idea of „it can’t happen here“ and the guise of so-called civility allowed a fascist cancer to fester and grow unchecked. Georg Elser is turning in his grave at the prospect that fascists might be proudly and unapologetically expressing their barbaric and inhumane ideals in the open. But, inspired by Georg Elser and many others like him, we will never allow fascists to feel safe in our spaces and our society.


released January 9, 2023

All Sounds by Gerald Fiebig and William Rossi.
Remixing and Manipulations on Intro and Interim by David Leutkart
Layout by Eleonora Lalalu and William Rossi