elektrojudas/EMERGE/Gerald Fiebig/If,Bwana: LIGHT – SOUND – LIGHT


Durch die Elektrotechnik sind Licht und Schall als Grundlage der wichtigsten menschlichen Sinne ineinander übersetzbar geworden. Diese Performance verbindet den Klang von Feuer (der ersten künstlichen Lichtquelle) mit hörbar gemachten elektrischen Lichtquellen. Der Sound der Performance bzw. dessen elektrisches Ausgangssignal werden mittels eines Oszilloskops wieder in Lichtsignale gewandelt: der Transformationsprozess LICHT – KLANG – LICHT schließt sich zum (Strom-) Kreis.

Samstag, 20. Juni 2015
22:00 Uhr / 22:45 Uhr
Soho Stage, Ludwigstr. 34, 86150 Augsburg

Im Rahmen der Langen Nacht des Lichts


If, Bwana / Sustained Development / elektrojudas / EMERGE: Crossgrained

The three solo tracks performed by If, Bwana on this live recording are based on sounds played on the bassoon, flute, and guitar and make a wonderful introduction to his work with layered, pitch-shifted acoustic instruments. This stuff is among the best you can get in contemporary drone music – rich in texture, sensuous, emotional, and still abstract enough to “clear the mind.” On another two tracks, If, Bwana is joined by his local support group at this July 2012 gig in Germany for an unlikely but happy marriage of his layered sound textures, 50 Hz hum, and lots of electroacoustic sound gadgetry.

Supporting If, Bwana at his concert in Augsburg, Germany on 4 July 2012, local artists Sustained Development aka Gerald Fiebig, elektrojudas, and EMERGE teamed up for a free improvised set using sampled bass guitars, miked-up wave drums and induction coils, monotrons, and smartphone apps, also documented on this 2 CD set. Another two tracks resulted from the trio joining If, Bwana for a demonstration of the possibilities of experimental music, which are endless provided they are approached in an open-minded way. In this case, two very distinct idioms – calm, contemplative drones and fidgety, highly interactive glitch/noise improvisation – fuse perfectly thanks to the alertness of the players.

Knark Esion: Disturbed Communication

„When it works, it’s great – what sounds like hell’s vibraslap plays in time with a martial beat. Ominous, immense organ heralds the coming of a pissed demon.“ – Luke Martin, Cyclic Defrost