Siteworks – sound installations 2009 – 2018

„Siteworks“ documents most of the installations and ‚constructed situations‘ Gerald Fiebig realised as a solo artist in gallery, museum, and public spaces between 2009 and 2018.

Joint free download release of attenuation circuit and gebrauchtemusik.

Includes PDF booklet with extensive info on the installations.


„Siteworks“ dokumentiert die meisten der Installationen und „konstruierten Situationen“, die Gerald Fiebig als Solokünstler zwischen 2009 und 2018 in Galerien, Museen und im öffentlichen Raum realisiert hat.

Gemeinsame Veröffentlichung von attenuation circuit und gebrauchtemusik.

Inklusive PDF-Booklet mit Informationen zu den Installationen.


The Cadolzburg Experience: On the Use of Sound in a Historic Museum

The museum at Cadolzburg Castle in Germany, opened in 2017, uses a sound installation to present aspects of the building’s history that could not be materially reconstructed. In this article, curators Sebastian Karnatz and Uta Piereth and sound artist Gerald Fiebig explain how the installation alternates between sound effects and musical signifiers to engage visitors with their environment and to spark reflection on the problems of “authenticity” in museums. While the musical thread offers quotes from musical styles representing the castle’shistory, the sound thread gradually deconstructs a “castle soundscape” inspired by film soundtracks.

LEONARDO MUSIC JOURNAL, Vol. 27, pp. 67–70, 2017