Wer nur hören kann, muss fühlen



Gerald Fiebig
Wer nur hören kann, muss fühlen. Versuche, Klangkunst als Medien- und Konzeptkunst zu denken
In: Annette Emde/Radek Krolczyk (ed.): Ästhetik ohne Widerstand. Texte zu reaktionären Tendenzen in der Kunst. Mainz: Ventil Verlag 2013, pp. 115-132

My contribution (in German) to this volume „on reactionary tendencies in the arts“ makes a case for discussing sound art in the context of media art and conceptual art rather than as a special case of either music or visual art. Taking valuable cues from Seth Kim-Cohen’s book In the Blink of an Ear, the essay shows that what passes as a ‚theory‘ of sound art in Germany often tends to shroud the works in esotericism instead of elucidating them. Artists discussed include Christina Kubisch, Rolf Julius, and Carsten Nicolai.